Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions (8)

What every member, or aspiring to be, should know.

CyberDiosas is a community made up of models, photographers, companies and admirers of female beauty. A warm place where everyone can participate and where respect for the other is essential.
CyberDiosas is not a place for dating or sexual encounters. Neither a place where pornography or obscene content can be found. Everyone is invited to participate, however, keep these premises in mind when doing so.
There are ways to participate that can use all the "types" of members and other forms that depend on the needs of each type. Here we will explain what are common to all, then, in the corresponding sections, we will explain the additional forms that each type of member has.
It is possible to comment on each photo session presented, leaving suggestions, letting us know what we thought, leaving a message of encouragement for the model, etc.
It is possible, and we encourage you to do so, to indicate that you liked a certain photo shoot with a simple click on a heart.
It is possible to "follow" a model. When you do so, you will receive notification of any developments regarding that model. It is the best way to not miss anything when a model dazzled us.
It is possible to contact other members, with the exception that a normal user can not contact a model (However you can answer if it is she who started the conversation)
No. CyberDiosas has its own message center. This is valid for all types of members. You will have your own message box when you become a member. Your email address will not be disclosed to other members as well as any of your personal data.
Of course yes. For members of the user type, we will take as sufficient confirmation of the age of majority that they have a credit card. The other types of members must meet certain extra requirements. It is essential to be of legal age to be part of this community.
The permanence in the community will depend, besides the payment in the cases that correspond, to the observation of good behavior. In most cases you will be warned if you infract any community norms, the exception is any attempt to violate the system for whatever purpose. In the latter case you will be expelled without prior notice.
In essence there are four types of members: Users, Models, Photographers and Companies. The type of member you should choose depends on the role you wish to fulfill within this community.
In addition to everything described here, you can get more information by visiting the page Prices and plans
If, even after reading all the information exposed, you continue with doubts, you can contact us and present your case. We will gladly assist you. Contact us
In addition there are other categories of members that fulfill administrative roles: The administrator, moderators and a system bot responsible for automated tasks.
All members can be contacted, with the exception of two cases:
- The bot of the system.
- The models in the case that you are a User. This does not mean that you can not interact with them, there are many ways in which you can. You can talk to a model in case she is the one who starts the conversation.
Finally, if you are already a member, and you wish to speak with the administrator, you can do so easily through your message center, in the option to start a conversation. The nickname of the administrator is Admin.
Language is a problem when it comes to a community without borders.
We have decided to opt for English, in all cases in which the text is public. Such is the case of personal presentations, comments about content, system messages, etc.
There are two exceptions:
- The conversations between members. These should start in English, but if by agreement the members of the conversation feel more comfortable with another language, you can do it freely.
- Conversations with the Administrator or one of the Moderators. The staff of CyberDiosas speaks English and Spanish. You can use the language with which you feel most comfortable.
Not at all. Conversations between members can be monitored by CyberDiosas staff in the event that we suspect an illegal activity or in the event that one member "reports" to another.
However the staff of CyberDiosas will be handled with absolute reserve. The content of communications between members will not be disclosed publicly, except in cases in which an illegal activity is proven or if it is required by the law.
We want to take this opportunity to give you some safety tips:
- Never divulge your access data to this community. The staff of CyberDiosas will never ask for this information. If someone asks for this information you can be sure that it is a hoax. Report to the user that I'm trying to cheat you.
- Never disclose your credit card information. CyberDiosas does not process your payments directly but does so through a more secure payment gateway. We do not know the information on your credit card and we do not need to know it either. If someone asks you for that information you can be sure that it is a hoax. Report to the user that I'm trying to cheat you.
- Try not to disclose your personal information. CyberDiosas has a sophisticated message system that can be used for communication between members. There is no real need to share, for example, your email address. Handle with discretion.

Questions about the type of content. (5)

Especially important for models, photographers and companies.

We admit two types of content: No Nude and Nude.
In the case of No Nude content, there is a certain tolerance, for example transparencies, some partial nude due to carelessness, etc.
In the case of Nude content, the models may start dressed or not, as they see fit, but within the photographic set there must be total nudes.
In both cases, in the photographic sets only the models that were previously accepted can appear.
We do not accept pornographic content or links to websites with such content.
Those who can present are the models, the photographers and the companies. In these last two cases they would act as sponsor of said models, being, in addition, responsible for the verification of the legal age of the models they represent. (In case of doubts we reserve the right to request a copy of the documentation proving the age)
The photographic sets must be presented inside a zip file.
Photographs must have, at least, a Full HD resolution (If it is better).
A minimum of 100 photographs must be presented per photographic set. (The ideal is to present enough more)
By presenting a photographic set you are aware that the images are manipulated. (Selection and editing)
The images can not contain any watermark or logo.
No, this will be reviewed and only if it meets our quality criteria is it published. In the event that the photographic set is not accepted we will notify you so that you can have this material.
If the photographic set is accepted, we will inform you of the publication date, in order to be attentive to the comments of the members and, if necessary, to respond.
The answer is no.
When presenting a photographic set you must declare that you have all the rights to that content and that you give them to CyberDios in perpetuity.
Therefore, the content could not be published previously in any place, nor could it be presented in the future in another place.

User Questions (5)

Below the answers to the most frequent questions of the Users.

No way. You are free to choose what you want to see. You can choose to view content No nude, Nude or both. Your membership to CyberDiosas covers all the content we offer.
Enjoy it!
Downloading and sharing the offered content is a prohibited activity!
By becoming a member, you agree that all content found on the website is the exclusive property of CyberDiosas. (This applies to images, videos, texts, logos, etc.)
You obtain permission only for the personal use of our content.
Please help us provide the best possible service fighting piracy.
There are no limitations regarding the quantity. You can participate in as many conversations as you wish. However there is a time limitation: conversations without activity for 30 days are automatically deleted.
Your message center has many functions. You can prevent conversations from being deleted by moving them to the Importans folder. (Just click on the "To Importans" button, which you will find below each conversation displayed)
Surely yes!
There are many additional benefits today and others will add up.
In addition to viewing the content offered, you can participate in many ways, follow the models, see the behind the scenes, extra content offered by the models in your accounts, and obtain special discounts from companies that participate in the community ...
Yes, all members of the community have a personal page, where they can be presented.
That page is composed of three elements:
- An image.
- A short presentation.
- A description.
You are not obliged to complete these three elements, however, in a community, getting to know oneself generates confidence, if it does the rest of the members will feel more at ease when interacting with you.
Keep in mind that the image you share on this page will be used to identify you to other members, each time you interact. Ideally, share a photo of your face, so that it is easily identified by the rest of the members.
If you want to complete these elements, follow the rules of community behavior. Use a friendly language and, especially, do not use a picture of your genitals as a presentation image. (This is cause for expulsion)

Models Questions (7)

Below the answers to the most frequent questions of the Users.

If you are female and are of legal age, you already qualify for a CyberDiosa.
In this community, CyberDiosas are the reason to be.
Feel free to choose which type of content you want to participate with. Either because you want to show yourself to the world or if you want to work as a model, this is your place ...
Here we will take care of you, we will treat you with respect and we will help you to specify your goals.
First tell you that this community was born with the purpose of helping girls with your same desires.
This community can help you get to know you, improve your work and put you in touch, in a caring and friendly environment, with photographers and companies from all over the world.
If you decide to participate, you will receive opinions from the general public (our thousands of Users) and specialists in the subject such as photographers and companies in the field.
Keep in mind that companies in the field are always eager to find new models, this community is an ideal window to let you know.
On the other hand, photographers and companies that wish to participate must comply with a data verification process before they can do so. For that reason if you are contacted, for example, by a company, you can be sure that it really is a company.
Thanks to our elaborate message system, you can get in touch with the other members of this community without having to reveal any personal information. Obviously, if you reach an agreement with a photographer or a company, at some point you should provide more accurate information.
Decide, we are waiting for you with open arms!
The registration process is simple, although you must complete all the steps.
- First you must complete a form with your personal information: First name, last name, country of residence and an email box. In this step you will also have to choose your artistic name. (From this information we will only share your artistic name with the other members)
- In the second step you must show that your email box is valid. It is very simple, we will send you a message that will contain a link. Just click on that link and you will have completed this step.
- In the third place you will have to send us an email with a copy of the documentation that proves your age. (This is for legal reasons, we, the photographers and the participating companies, we need to know if you are of age. This documentation will not remain on the web, nor will it be shown to anyone else, you can be sure of our reservation in this case)
- Finally we will ask you for a sample of your work. This material will never be published, it is only for verification reasons.
That is all!
It is completely true, we will never charge you anything. Keep in mind that your membership will not be activated until you present your first photo session.
Once you present your first photo session, and it is accepted, your membership will be activated and you will be able to enjoy all the tools that the community provides.
You can see the work of other models, get in touch with any member, you can be contacted by photographers and companies, and a long etc.
Finally, we want to clarify that when you present a photo session, and it is approved, you will extend your membership for one year. Obviously, if you want to make yourself known, you must present content on a regular basis, so that it can be seen by the other members.
It's really hard to answer that. It is a decision that has to go through your tastes, your desires, what you want to achieve, etc.
From our long experience we can only tell you that Nude models charge their jobs better. And, depending on how you do the nudes, much better ...
If you have questions Contact us and with pleasure and absolute reserve we will try to advise you.
The answer is brief: no.
When you register you must choose what type of content you will present. You must choose one or the other.
You can only pass non-nude to nude, not the other way around.
We want to be very clear on this point.
When you submit a material you will have to accept that you assign all copyright, free and for perpetuity, to CyberDiosas. It may sound rude, but otherwise we could not publish your material, it is a legal issue.
The same will happen if you work for a photographer or a company. No one can publish a material that does not have copyright. Do you understand this point?
To be clear, from the moment you submit a material and accept the conditions, that material will become the exclusive property of CyberDiosas. You will have a copy of that material, but you will not be able to publish it anywhere else.

Photographs Questions (4)

Below the answers to the most frequent questions of the Photographs.

The price of membership depends on the role of each type of member within the community.
You, as a photographer, can contact the models, because your activity requires it. A User can not.
In addition, a User, when contacted, can only use simple text, you, as a photographer, will have an enriched text editor, that will allow you to format the text you write, include images (which will be hosted on our server), edit them, resize them, etc. This, again, is because its activity requires it.
You can also include videos, for this the videos must be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.
Keep in mind that the Models have the same rich text editor, which allows a much richer type of interaction.
You will also be able to contact the companies, and given the resources we put at your disposal, to show examples of your work without having to use other means.
Let us advice: if you are going to include images in your conversations, compress them, use the jpg format and a sufficient resolution to be shown on the web. If your conversation takes a long time to load, the other member may abandon your reading.
If you have to include a large number of images, and the resolution is important, include in your conversation thumbnails and link them to the image in the desired resolution. This last image could be hosted on any free image storage system, which can be found on the web.
Finally, if you use links, remember to edit them so that they are displayed in a new browser window. (target = _blank)
There are many ways in which you can enhance your chances of getting known and get, in this way, more work. Next we will give some examples.
- Offer special prices for the Models of the community, is more, think seriously about the possibility of doing these jobs for free.
Remember, the Models are in the same situation, they also invest in order to make themselves known. You can help each other!
If you consider the above form appropriate, take special care to let it know, indicating where you live (Country and city) and indicating that it offers a special price for the Community Models on your presentation page.
If you are the photographer of a photo shoot of a Community Model, your condition as such will be clearly indicated by adding a link to your presentation page.
- Be a Model Sponsor. This is another very useful way to make yourself known. Although it requires some investment it is also true that the exposure achieved is maximum. All Models have a personal page. In the case of the Models that are sponsored this page is "virtual", you will have control over what that page says, anyone who tries to contact the Model will be warned that you represent it and will be given the option to contact with you. Finally, when the photographic set of that model is displayed, it will be clearly indicated that it is sponsored, and a link to your presentation page will be included in the top part of the page.
Read the answer to the previous question. You would act as Sponsor and Representative of the Models that you present. Any Company that wishes to contact its Models will have to do it first with you.
Keep in mind that you must offer, like the CyberDiosas, documentation that demonstrates the age of the model presented.
Also note, the issue regarding the transfer of copyrights of the material that is offered.
You can sponsor non nudes or nudes models. The same criterion that applies with the independent models will be applied: you must select with what type of content each model will participate, not being able to mix the content for the same model.
The process of registering a photographer follows, practically, the same path as the registration process of a Model. In your case, you will also be asked to present a copy of an invoice for a service or tax in your name.
We need to know who you are and where you live.
Keep in mind one thing: we can put you in contact with young girls, it is our obligation to do everything possible to provide them with a minimum of security. If you think the registration process is cumbersome, we invite you to put yourself in our place for a few moments.
All the information you provide will be treated with absolute reserve and will not be shared with anyone else. Obviously, the only exception is that you commit a crime, in which case all the information we have about you will be provided to the relevant justice.

Companies Questions (4)

Below the answers to the most frequent questions of the Companies.

A company has a very special role and needs in this community. We try to give you all the tools for you to play.
Our community revolves around our Models, but without participating Companies we would not be fulfilling the task of helping them.
For that reason you can:
- Contact the Models, the Photographers and any User of this community, that is, you can contact all the participants.
- You can easily hire any Model because we already take the trouble to verify your age. Something similar happens with the photographers, they had to present a copy of their documentation and some extra element to verify their address. We will not provide this documentation to you or any member for a question of privacy, but we can assure you that all the Models and Photographers that you find in this community have provided this documentation.
- You will have an enriched text editor, which can be used when contacting any member. With this editor you will be able to format your text, include images and videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.
- You can contract seeing the performance of each member beforehand. How many times have you spent money on trials that did not turn out?
In addition to your hiring needs we understand your needs to sell. For this reason we provide specific tools, such as:
- A presentation page.
- The possibility of hosting a logo on our server, with which to draw the attention of our Users.
- There is a list of participating companies with the intention of being found by the other members.
- The possibility of sending mass emails to all our Users, using our own messaging system and our own user database. This avoids the complexity of sending such messages through the conventional email system.
- The possibility of sponsoring Models and, in this way, showing Users the characteristics of their own website.
In other words, you, as a company, have resources and possibilities that no other member has.
Yes, you can sponsor Models. This is very useful to show the content of your own website to the rest of the members of the community.
If you do so, there are two issues you should keep in mind:
- You must provide a copy of the documentation proving the age of the model.
- You must certify that you have the copyright on the material in question and that you assign them, without charge and in perpetuity, to CyberDiosas.
- All sponsored material contains at the top of the page where your sample, the name of the sponsor member and a link to your own presentation page. No one will be able to contact the Models without first passing through their hands.
- Regarding the type of content, it is valid here, in the section corresponding to the content.
The registration process, in the case of a company, is a bit easier than for the rest of the members, however you must:
- Register with a corporate email address, for example:
- Prove that this email address belongs to you. This is a very simple step, we will send you an email, containing a link. You only have to click on the link to complete the registration.
- To finish, we will check your website to make sure it is compatible with our style. If your website has protected sections, provide the necessary credentials.
We will not accept websites under construction, with pornographic content or that, in our opinion, are outside the law.
Of course. Is more, we offer you special tools so you can do it.
- You can send up to two massive messages in a period of 30 days, using our own messaging system and our own user database.
- Try to take advantage of that possibility by offering our users real offers.
- If you include a link to your own website, which is allowed, make sure it opens on a new browser page. (target = _blank)
- Try to make your messages load fast, do not include large or uncompressed images, this could discourage potential new customers.
- It may be the case that a member sings it in response to a massive message. Answer calmly, there are no restrictions as to the number of answers you must provide.
- If you have sent mass email messages, you will agree with us that this tool we provide is valuable.

If you have a question please send us a letter

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